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Do you dream of getting married in a fairy-tale city?

Here we go, if your answer is yes…

Augusta, Antonina, Nova Roma, Byzantion, Byzantium, Constantinople and finally Istanbul… These exciting names reminds the mysterious and enchanting past of the city. Istanbul can be considered as the combination of the old and modern city, as well as Islamic and Mediterranean mixture of cultures in a captivating atmosphere.

Most sights are concentrated in the old city on the peninsula of Sultanahmet, to the west of the Bosphorus between the Horn and the Sea. The Grand Bazaar will enchant you with its bright and pleasant environment and the famous Hagia Sophia mosque exudes a sense of peace.

Also The Bosphorus will make you deeply fall in love with the city; strait draws the city of Istanbul together, connecting its European side to its Asian half with chameleon blue strokes. As for entertainment and nightlife, Bosphorus revolves around many of the entertainment venues that the city has to offer. The nightlife in Istanbul has really come alive in recent years and the locals will all tell you that the nightlife spreads out in all directions especially along the Bosphorus Line.

Every decision you make is very significant for your wedding planning and choosing your wedding venue is one of the most significant wedding planning decisions you will make.

With its many luxury hotels that overlook the beautiful Bosphorus, Istanbul is the perfect place for a truly romantic destination wedding. Also Istanbul wedding halls, with its different places and themes, serve both indoor and outdoor areas. If you want, you can realize your wedding in a historical hall or in a large hall, too.

Classy and very sophisticated İstanbul, is a home to some truly fairy-tale wedding venues and receptions. Whether you are looking for a privately small hotel and warm setting or a larger more spacious places, Istanbul is the right option for you. Istanbul wedding halls, with its different places and themes, serve both indoor and outdoor areas. For larger wedding receptions, there are several luxury wedding hotels and wedding venues in İstanbul, ideal for those wedding settings.

One of the first steps of planning your wedding in Istanbul is selecting a venue. Finding the right wedding venues in Istanbul is the most time consuming part of your wedding planning, but this section is here to save you time. You just have to pick the most appropriate venue to you.

When choosing a wedding venue in Istanbul, you’ll need to think about the venue’s place, size, and style to make sure it’s a fit for your wedding plan. Search for venues that fit your vision. And remember—wedding decoration can also help transform a venue into your style.

Even after your glorious wedding night in Istanbul, your fairytale is still going on and here below are some of today’s trends on wedding ceremonies and after- wedding plans:

Outdoor ceremonies: There is no surprise that outdoor weddings are becoming the favorite choice for many couples, whether that’s through charming garden weddings or cool beach ceremonies. Outdoor ceremonies allow you to fully customize your wedding decor, and typically give you the ability to host a larger guest list. If you’re worried about the weather, there are many fabulous marquees available to ensure you stay dry, and party the night away.

Delicious Food: With the rise of open-air weddings, couples are finding non-traditional ways to serve food instead of using classic catering options. These options include pizza ovens, funky food trucks or locally sourced caterers! It is such a fun and unique element to add to the day and your guests are guaranteed to love it! After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Social Media Flooding: With the world turning into a more digital era, and with wedding sizes reducing, it comes as no surprise that people are choosing to live stream their wedding for friends and families at home. For some, this could be odd, but for many with family overseas or with guests who are unable to attend, it is a great way to ensure everybody is feeling involved in your most special day…

Pet Babies: Every new day is bringing us the rise of pet-friendly weddings! Many people are getting their pets involved either as part of the ceremony or just as a guest of honor. There are even services accessible that will look after your pets on your wedding day! Not forgetting the cute outfits available…have you seen a dog in a tux? Amazing!

Local Honeymoons: With travel being an unsure thing, many newlyweds have found themselves celebrating their honeymoons by travelling within their own country, rather than risking the dreaded boarder closures. No matter where you are in the world, there is always a hidden gem in your country that you have not yet discovered. After all, honeymoons are about spending time with your new life partner and celebrating your endless love.

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